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Japanese Cooking Winter 2018 edition

Learn how to make 5 authentic Japanese dishes in 5 days!

Japanese Cuisine Made Simple

Step by Step Instructions

With Lessons that Build Upon Skills Learned in Previous Lessons

To start, you'll learn about several essential Japanese condiments and ingredients required for the class.

Then you'll dive right in to the first lesson and learn How to Make Dashi broth.

Did you know Dashi can be made from scratch in less than an hour? That's much faster than the hours required for a good beef or chicken stock!

Dashi broth is a multipurpose broth used for all kinds of dishes ranging from vegetables, to noodles, rice and meats.

After you understand how to make dashi, you can apply that skill to make several dishes that call for dashi!

Lastly, we'll wrap up with one of my favorite mazegohan (mixed rice) recipes and a quick and tasty preparation of Akauo (perch) which is seasoned with soy sauce and ginger.

Each lesson is self-paced and includes:

  • important concepts and special techniques as applicable
  • explanation for the methodology / steps taken
  • an in depth HD video demonstrating the recipe step by step
  • a downloadable PDF for each recipe and information covered




  • Essential Condiments for Japanese Cooking
  • Essential Ingredient - Mirin
  • Essential Ingredient - Miso
  • Essential Ingredient - Osu
  • Essential Ingredient - Sake
  • Essential Ingredient - Shoyu
  • Essential Ingredient - Sugar

Miso Soup


  • How to make ichiban and niban dashi
  • How to make ichiban and niban dashi recipes
  • How to Make Miso Soup
  • Misoshiru recipe

Ohitashi (vegetables soaked in broth)


  • How to make Spinach Ohitashi
  • Spinach Ohitashi recipe

Nimono (simmered foods)


  • How to Make Daikon Nimono
  • Daikon nimono recipe
  • How to Make Akauo Nitsuke (Quick simmered perch)
  • BONUS: Akauo nitsuke recipe



  • BONUS: How to Make Shungiku Mazegohan (Chrysanthemum greens mixed rice)
  • Shungiku mazegohan recipe


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Make 2018 the first year you make delicious homemade Japanese food

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About Your Instructor

Patrick  J

Patrick J

Japanese cuisine enthusiast

I have the appetite of a shark. And with that, I strive daily to improve my skills and satisfy it with tasty food. My class is focused on Japanese cuisine, cooking techniques, with a little bit a food culture and history sprinkled in. I hope to see you in class!


How to Make Dashi Stock

How to Make Mazegohan

How to Make Miso Soup

How to Make Nimono


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Daikon Nimono

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